There are people who are “successful” and extremely unhappy, and there are people who live alone on a farm in the middle of nowhere and are extremely happy, and who cares if their happiness is not recognized/validated by the rest of the world, because one day they’ll die and so will everybody else.
- Tavi Gevinson, on why your definition of happiness/success doesn’t have to be conventional in order to count. (via thefreshprinceofbelarus)
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Anyone want to throw a girl some movie suggestions? 

Here’s a list of movies I enjoy to get an idea of what I’m usually into: Ghost World, The Virgin Suicides, Thirteen, Jawbreaker, Heathers, Pretty Persuasion, Spring Breakers, White Oleander, Prozac Nation, Girl, Interrupted, Mysterious Skin, Juno, Young Adult, Election, Welcome to the Dollhouse, But I’m a Cheerleader, Cracks, etc. (Basically any kind of coming of age story with a female protagonist, usually dark comedies).

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Title: Be Be Your Love
Artist: Rachael Yamagata
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Rachael Yamagata - Be Be Your Love

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[Sofia Coppola] said she’s consistently drawn to teenage characters when writing films because they have time to be introspective, a luxury that adult lives tend to get too crowded for.
- Tavi Gevinson (via amandahess)
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"Michael and his jeans. He gets in them, and I’m not exactly sure what happens, but I can tell you, he loves the way he looks in those jeans. I know that’s why he started casual Fridays."

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the office   
I just need to get my shit together.
- me in 2009/2012/this time last year/a minute ago/next year probably (via blurrymelancholy)
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